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Vishal Enclave, New Delhi

Rekha Residence '18

An Apartment in West Delhi gets a Dose of color Splash and Textures.

Area:               4500 sq. ft.

Occupants:    3

Scope:            Redesigning a newly bought Apartment flat along with execution of work that included civil and other services modifications.

Design Style: Modern Indian with vibrant vibes.

Intro: The residential project for Mr. and Mrs. Gupta involves the transformation of their recently purchased home into a vibrant and welcoming space that showcases their colorful personalities. The clients, known for their love for travel and appreciation for family time, hold a special attachment to the residence. The project aims to create a luxurious and unique space that meets the specific needs of the Gupta family.

Challenges and Specific Needs:
One of the biggest challenges for the project was working with the existing building's elevation, which could not be altered. Despite being a luxurious space, several rooms did not meet the specific needs of the Gupta family. For example, the master bedroom wardrobe needed to be custom built to the client's specifications by creating a bench between the wardrobe to cover a part of the window, which aligned with the available space. Additionally, the wardrobe was designed with a sliding shutter configuration on the left and regular shutters on the right, giving it a unique look and minimizing space obstruction.

Design Solution: The designer assigned to this project worked fervently to offer unique design solutions that would meet the Gupta's specific needs. A prime example is the creative incorporation of a geometric design pattern that was implemented on the living room wall. The pattern was inspired by a motif that the Gupta family discovered whilst on their travels in Egypt. The designer then oversaw the cutting and execution of the pattern at the factory to ensure it was executed exactly how the client wanted. Moreover, the designer suggested the use of bright colors, combined with beautiful artwork and intriguing textures to complement the Gupta's preferences and tastes.

In conclusion, the residential project for Mr. and Mrs. Gupta was an exceptional achievement. The designer's creativity and expertise were adequately utilized to ensure that the house fulfilled the unique design needs of the client. The colorful personality of the Gupta family was accurately captured while still enhancing the overall aesthetic of the residence.

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