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Our Founder


SM Design Studio completed 40 projects, transforming almost 50,000 sqft of space for happy customers turned friends. Our founder's fascination with interior designing, particularly for residences and restaurants, led to our vision of transforming properties into abodes that define your personality and cater to your comfort. Our close relationship with clients allows us to understand their dreams and desires, resulting in efficient, elegant, and low-maintenance spaces that feel like living homes.


The vision to have an effortless. Warm home from where you won’t need a break. We not only identify the problems you have but we do our best to solve the unidentified ones too.

With an expertise in luxury residential interiors and hospitality we have proudly handed over 40+ projects so far and made lifelong relations with our clients.

Shreya Maheshwari Saluja

Principal Interior Architect

Meet Our Founder:

From a young age, Shreya harbored a deep passion for Interior Design, envisioning spaces that are both livable and practical while captivating to the mind. She pursued her passion with formal education, graduating in Interior Architecture and Design from Pearl Academy. Building on her education, Shreya gained invaluable experience in various companies specializing in Residential Interiors, Hospitality Interiors, and Private luxury offices, honing her skills and expertise along the way.

Design Process

Aiming to provide the easiest and solvable solution with our '5 STEP PROCESS'


The Connection

We sit and talk about your needs, your problems, budget, timelines and our process. Even if you are not sure what you want, dont worry, we have it covered. our team asks you all the questions so nothing is missed. 



We help you decide through in-depth analysis on how you can fully utilize your space into a fully functional area that would fit your needs. 



Here we shall Prepare graphic materials to describe each Concept Design based on the Design Brief comprising of the floor plan and reference pictures



Concept is explained through graphic materials like sketches, references, inspirations and then moulded to moodboards. Post this 3D visualisation (a visual representation of how selected design would look in your space) for all designated spaces are prepared and all materials are identified and selected



Material Selection vis-à-vis wall finishes/treatment, mandatory service layouts and furniture layout are prepared for executing the work.

Detailed plans and elevations for the space as well as marking the same on site to give you the perspective of proportion

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